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Trachy and I were wonderig if editors and experts can kick. We were talking on xbox and we were unsure.

If they cant i think experts and editors should be able to since many times a mod Is not around. Oh and Also make it show who can kick on the persons profile.

"There is never a time mods aren't on"

^ Lies :P

JCM and pika, Trachy has said dont make him come down and smite thee.

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I'm still on after you're gone as well.
I will look at this, but please don't change titles to non-specific things otherwise I won't know what it's about and may gloss over it.
Ok thanks PM!
Not a bad idea. BUT I think experts should only be allowed to SUGGEST a user that gets kicked. They suggest it to the editor and the editor looks into it and does his/her thing.
I agree with mrkijani

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Editors can now kick people on chat too :)