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Something that's been bothering me...

Here`s an example.

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Why are you bringing this back up? Honestly the only reason you would post it in the first place is because your point hungry because it honestly doesn't matter when the higher users get points. This was finished months ago and the example you gave was from 2010? Everybody had the ability to vote lol. Look at DarthDestiny on some of his answers he would be getting 11 votes for like a one word answer. the higher users get more votes because people like you give them votes... This is done already
But I don`t care about points. It`s just that they get more votes than other people. And that`s just not fair.
If you don't care about points then why the heck does it matter? And if you weren't annoyed then why did yuou post it? You seemed to be making quite a big deal about it in chat the other day >.>
Case closed. smfh you're the idiot bringing this back up.

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Well i have noticed this.

  1. Mods, Experts and Editors tend to be more knowledgable than normal users so they are a more reliable source.

  2. Mods/Experts/Editors make friends quicker because they are respected users therefore normal users upvote their answers to earn there respect.

  3. This may just be that their answer was a really good well thought through answer

  4. Because lots of users are friends with mods/experts/editors there are more people to upvote if it is a good answer

This is what i think to this issue.

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At this point I care about points because I want to be able to upvote. Once I can do that I dont care.
B3N, you are joking, right? It is all about points. No one can deny this, I remember how happy you were when you were like 10 points away from Expert. POINTS.
I don't care about points. And in fact I tried to prove myself an example by asking Pokemaster to bring my points down to 0 on all sections of the site.
But I mean new guys who just join the site often post answers that are as good or better than the mods/experts/editors, and yet the mods/editors/experts get the most votes, why? this is obviously not fair. Not that i care. I am perfectly happy that I am able to answer almost any question simply because I have a lot of experience, but why the respect thing to a point where the guys who have been here longest get the most votes and BA? I personally upvote any answer that is good, true, and thourough.
i just want them to become an expert. Then I don't care, as much.