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Since Blobyolo's priviledges incluclude editing, shouldn't he be an editor?
But on his profile it says he's a registered user. same with others.

Sorry if this is a stupid, I'm just wondering.

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I totally misread the title ;)
Lol, Blobyolo.
lol :P

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He has 500 on Meta, so he can edit. Myself as well.

Editor is for all sections. Meta won't show Expert because it is one section.

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I meant that on his profile it said he was a registered user.
On my meta profile it does as it does on ninjas its because we are not on pokebase yet.
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It may be a little confusing, but "Editor" is different to being able to edit posts. Editor is a manual category that I assign, and Editors can do some extra stuff like approving questions. Whereas if you reach a certain number of points, you can just edit posts.

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