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How can Someone be an Editor ??

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How can an ordinary user become an Editor?

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To answer your question, it's completely up to Pokemaster himself. You can't be instantly promoted; he has to do it for you.

Back when the wave of editors hit (DT, Swampert, and Trachy), Pokemaster promoted them because they had all hit over 20 000 points (Or very close to it).

To become an editor now is theoretically not possible, as Pokemaster said that he doesn't need anymore right now. Even becoming an Expert (Like a mini-mod. Darth and I are examples) is not possible, because Pokemaster simply doesn't want any more special users at the moment.

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You forgot sf
Although I still think PB10 should become an expert.
Agreed. BY the way, DarthDestiny. Not only Darth. I'm so f*cking proud of the name xDD I brought me...nothing-_-
This is right, although I think at the time they only had 10,000 points. Anyway this will change in a future version such that users over a certain number of points will automatically get some editing privileges.