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So a new user asks a question and it gets a bad answer. Now the question is off the unanswered list and nobody pays any attention to it. How is that person supposed to tell other people that the question is unresolved? I know I used to do it by posting on Fizz's wall asking him to hide the bad answers (now I transform them into comments by wielding my amazing expert privileges), but the new users can't post on walls (or edit those answers).


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The real solution to this is to make a button to mark as unresolved, or something to that effect. I don't even like contacting a moderator as a solution, the middle man shouldn't be necessary at all.

To address your question though, they should do these things if they want more attention on their question:

  • Leave a comment on the answer expressing its inadequacy. The person who made it might update it, or someone else could answer instead.
  • Add a clear notice to their question title indicating it isn't resolved. This could be as simple as throwing [UNRESOLVED] onto the end.
  • They could add the unresolved tag to their question, which is lesser known now but used to be one of our solutions for posts that fit the category you described.

All of these things will hopefully attract attention from other users with extra privileges, who might flag the post for staff attention, convert it to a comment or take it down outright. But there should be a way for askers to get their posts on the unanswered list by themselves.

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Do people really check the "questions tagged unresolved" list? When was the last time you checked that list and hid an answer there?
They don’t, I’m just listing it as an option, since it’ll be more helpful the more times we mention it and the more people know about it.
I don’t check the list much at all because nobody uses the tag much.