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I was wondering, if people only answer all those easy questions that don't take long to answer. I see alot of tricky questions on this site that look like nobody is gonna answer them, and I see all those questions that take 3 minutes to answer and all of them always have answers. Are my predictions true or false? Thanks.

I have answered many time-consuming difficult questions (most of them are sumwun's)
Aww, I got noticed :)
I just love the probability questions. And the ones that have a very definitive answer, but involve a lot of digging, like “what are all the abilities that changed after being introduced?” or similar to that. Those are fun because they’re generally pretty easy, but involve a big time commitment most users aren’t willing to spend, so I can relax and take my sweet time with it without worrying about it getting sniped.
Well, sometimes there are exceptions.
Woops, forgot to say there are exceptions.
But still, the question like "How many moves can the average Pokémon learn" and those stuff.

Maybe some of these questions are left but not all of them.

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Many of the "tricky" questions left are near impossible to answer. Even more of them are just useless, trivial, and nobody cares about them enough to bother putting in the effort to answer.

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I have read your answer. I kind of agree when your talking about useless questions , but I disagree when you're talking about trivial questions. If a question is of little value or importance to you, doesn't mean it's the same for the person who asked the question.
By that I mean there are many questions that provide no benefit in being answered other than sating a minor curiosity. I'd personally call that trivial even if it were my own, some wouldn't, you get the idea.
^ This pretty much. No matter how you spin it a question on say "I know this can't happen, but hypothetically what is the max amount of damage x can do under x conditions under something something x" adds little value. It has no use barr sating curiosity.
Other 'difficult' questions boil down to either questioning the brains of the developers, or needing to spend a pointless amount of time/effort to find something. People who answer questions have lives too - and it's important to respect that.

So to answer this;
"Do people on this site only answer questions that are simple?"
Yes. Because the people on this site are real people, with real lives and normal people tendencies. Occasionally people go to the effort of answering difficult, stupid questions; but don't expect them to.
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