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A combined amount of every single community. It may also encourage people to use RMT more often because its dying off now, which is very sad considering it used to be my favorite community. For example, if I had 20 points in every community, I would have 60 points total.

:P I don't think that would work, because if someone's good in Pokebase Doesn't necessarily mean they'd be good in Meta/RMT. Of course, that is not for me to decide. Just an opinion :P
Agree with the above, though I don't see any reason why we couldn't make privileges e.g. voting transferable across sections. Most of that is just an issue of trust. If we can trust you with the powers in one area, we can trust you elsewhere.
Though it would be a question of whether Pokemaster has the time to do this. It's unlikely to be something he'd develop for the wider Q2A project itself, since the setup we have here with three sections is quite unconventional.
We care more about how much the users contribute to each section, not to all of Pokebase. Also, points are valued differently in different sections and may be more difficult to earn. A user might post 2-3 answers on Pokebase and get 60 points, and point out a whole bunch of errors and only have 30 points in Meta.
Maybe there could be some algorithm to convert different points into this combined about of points. (Ex. every point in Meta would count as 2 or 1.5 because it's more difficult to get points in meta

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