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So what I mean is can the amount of points you need to achieve certain ranks be different over commuities? Like it would take 6,000 points to be an expert on Q&A, and it's the same over every community, which I don't think is well balenced as it encourages people to use Q&A more than RMT and Meta, as it's much harder to get points on Meta and RMT than it is on Q&A. Obviously PM realized this, because he made the points needed to upvote/downvote/flag different over every community. So why not Expert? Also we should have some other rank in between Expert and Registered User to boost the self confidence of noobs like me. (Actually I've been on pokebase for almost 2 years but I have so little points it's as if I'm a noob lol)

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If you have 2000 points on Meta or 1000 on RMT you can edit in those sections respectively without needing Expert title. Having a new title for these would just be annoying more than anything else, Expert isn't particularly difficult to get after you've spent some time on the website.

A more practical suggestion would be to promote people to Experts once they reach these 2000/1000 point benchmarks on the other sections. We have plenty of Experts anyway so there's no reason not to add a few more if someone wants to work hard on a different section.

Pm did say that Mods can just promote Experts as they see fit but I can't find the exact question/answer/comment where he said it and no one else remembers it so I might have made it up ;~;
Not your imagination, he did say that. More on that later... I have some plans.
Worth mentioning it is not possible to promote someone to expert in only one section, because all three sections access the same database of users. As above, you can still earn editing powers on a section-by-section basis.
Adding new ranks would require custom code, though. I know there are some other features in Q2A that can give users a similar distinction. I’ll mention them at some point down the line. Not sure if Pokemaster likes them though, seeing as they don’t already get used.

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