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It says i have 10 points
It says Tysonyoshi has 5 points.

Why is that? Is there a point system?

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I'm guessing it's how many best answers you get gives you 5 for each. But I'm not sure.

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Yes, the majority of points are zero, but you get 5 points for each vote. I had to put something in there because using 0 breaks a few things. As I'm sure you know all meta points are hidden because they're not important and are different to the main site.

You can see the user list here it interests you:
It's not hugely different from the main site really, except RedPikachu is 8th o_O

Edit: with the latest update I changed it to be the same as the main site. Again, not really vital but it's just easier this way.

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Just out of curiousity, that makes no sense. If I got 5 points for each vote, and I have 105 upvotes.. xD
You're right J98, that doesn't add up. It may be because the users are shared with the main pokebase, something may be messed up there.
is it 5 for best answer? i have 2 best answers and ten pts. pokemaster you have 212 best answers 1060 pts. basic math right?
Either way, it's not like it really matters
You're right, it's only counting points from best answers, not the votes. But it should be 5 points per up/down vote so dunno why it's not counting those.