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Why can't we post without moderation if we don't have 40 points. We can post without moderation if we have 25+ points, but why it is higher in Meta and RMT?

Yeah I’ve always thought these were too high. I agree they should be lowered, though I guess it doesn’t matter much if these sections will just become forums.
I think we should just keep the same general point requirements across each section. No need to messy the process with area-specific prerequisites that really don’t do anything practical.
Yes please. It is so annoying having to get my RMT posts approved. I mean, it's difficult to get 40 points in RMT. People don't upvote your questions at all, and usually not the answers. I'm not a competitive expert either, so I normally don't answer RMT questions. Someone like me would have to select 10 answers as best just so I don't have to wait 6 hours for my questions to be posted to the site.
Because Fizz is the only active mod (I don't know anything about ~~~~Will~~~) only Fizz approves  our post.
Will is in chat a lot. I got enough points to post without moderation :P
Yes I agree they could be lowered, when i started I had to reach 80 points which took me a while.:)
It is especially hard to get 40 pts in RMT. I might ask a question regarding that just to bring more attention to the subject and Pokemaster will be more likely to at least change it on RMT.
Noooo! PM hasn't answered my question! miss!

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Oops, turns out there was a bug in the system :) I reduced the threshold to 25 a while back but needed to update a setting on Meta/RMT for it to take effect. So I've finally done that and it's 25 across the board now.

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You sure you did this properly? A bunch of incomplete or in-game team content has slipped through the approval queue in that last day on the RMT section, all of it posted off brand new accounts.
Ah crap, my bad. The thing setting moderation to 25 points was only applying to Pokebase. I've updated it again, hopefully that's fixed it.