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Okay this is just a suggestion but tell me what you think afterwards :)

So I was thinking if each user could customise their background colour for PokeBase, RMT and Meta.

Such as you have a little colour chart at the side of what ever part of the site your on and if you click on a colour, the background changes to what ever colour you've clicked.

I'm not saying I don't like the colours for each part of the site I'm just saying that everyone has a favourite colour and everyone is different.

I'm also not saying that we should have every colour just a handful would be nice such as White, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and Purple.

Also we could have it so you can't have the same colour in more than one part of site such as Red for both PokeBase and Meta. This would be to obviously avoid confusion and so everyone could distinguish what part of the site they were in.

I apologise if this type of question has been asked before but nothing came up when I searched in the search box.

Edit: I suppose this might get a bit confusing, so what about if PokeBase is the only part of the site where we can customise the colour, since more users are on that part of the site? Also if it's still too confusing what about our Profiles? It would be good to customised the colour of our Profiles and may be have background images like you can have on Twitter :)

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Yeah I suppose it would be a little confusing but that's why I suggested not be able to have the same colours on each part of the site :) By the way thanks for the feedback and thanking for up voting, who ever up voted xD
I'd like to see this for profile
Yeah, I'd love this for the profile. :D :D :D
that is a great idea! we could style it like that...but...I got an even greater idea!
we can take any pokemon sprites we like and put them on the page border! should try to reach pokemaster and tell him about both of our ideas...hmm...

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