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I don't have a lot of points on RMT so the introduction message always comes up when I go on RMT, even though I've been a member of the site for over 2 years -_-

"Welcome to the site, Sir Dan! This is a bit different to a normal forum, so please make sure you have read the rules before posting, thanks."

I'm always wondered this but never found the answer, so how many points are actually needed for the message to disappear altogether?

Where do these messages pop-up because I don't remember them.
Im an RMT nub, so i still get that message:
↑ Same :/
It appears just under recent questions and answers Sciz, as shown in Terlor's print screen.
I don't have it anymore, 160 pts. on RMT
I thought the message disappeared after 30 points, but obviously not from what I see.
I still have 20 points on the RMT, I do no competitive battling at all.
I have 50 points on RMT and it still appears for me, so I'm guessing 100 points maybe?

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The number of points is currently 80.

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That's less than I expected, I thought the minimum number of points required for it to disappear would be 100. Is there any reason you decided to set it at 80? (Just asking out of curiosity.)
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As of June 10, 2018, it'll go away at 40 points