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This is my single most wanted suggestion for Pokebase. I should have posted this earlier, but I didn't because I'm dumb and forgetful.

So someone asks a question, and it gets a bad answer. Now the question is off the unanswered list and nobody pays any attention to it. Currently, the best way to deal with this problem is to post on Fizz's wall asking him to put the question back on the unanswered list, either by hiding the bad answer(s) or converting them to comments. And I don't think that way is good enough.

I think the question asker should be able to click the "mark as unresolved" button on questions that have been answered. (the mouseover text should probably say "this question got no good answers") The button adds the question to the unresolved list, which should probably be linked from a button at the top of the unanswered list next to "no selected answer" and "no up-voted answer". Then, special users can check that list and, if an answerer isn't actively correcting or defending a bad answer, then the special user can somehow put that question back on the unanswered list. The button should turn into a "mark as resolved" button so the asker can click it in case the question gets resolved. Also, editors and moderators should be able to overturn the "mark as unresolved" in case someone misused that button.

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Can I get a shout for suggesting this six years ago? This idea is as relevant as ever, btw.
Adding a coloured 'unresolved' notice to each of the threads would assist greatly with their visibility. And I would even suggest putting them on the main unanswered list for the same reason. Those grey buttons don't exactly stand out.
a shout
this is in a separate question, but i'd also like a *separate* general bookmark

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