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Question - So I asked a question, and someone answered it. It seems though that they didn't read or understand my question fully, as their answer told me to do something that I'd already done, and I'd explained so in my question. Perhaps I could have made it clearer, but anyway I didn't want to downvote the person who tried to answer it as they were only trying to help, and I put a comment explaining thanks anyway, but it's not helpful. However because someone has posted an answer, my question no longer appears as unanswered, so somebody else is less likely to come along and help me now. I personally usually just sort by "unanswered" if I'm feeling altruistic and fancy answering some questions!

Suggestion - So I would like to be able to mark my question as "unanswered", or "unresolved", or "more information required" or something like that, so that people can tell that I still want help with my question, despite the fact that someone else already answered it? I suppose there is no reason why other people shouldn't also be able to do this on my question. Sometimes I have read a question and then an answer that doesn't fully answer the question, but I won't post an answer if I don't know myself. I would however press a button that says "this question requires a better answer" or something to push it back into the unanswered category. Hope that made sense :)

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Okay, we already have a method of doing such a thing. The first thing you should do is edit "(Unresolved)" into the title of your question, and the second is that you will need to edit the tag "unresolved" into the questions' tags. If the answer should be a comment then I or another Expert/Editor/Mod could convert it into a comment, but this rarely needs done and more often than not won't solve this problem even if an answer is wrong it should not neccassarily be converted.

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Thank you I will try that! :) I didn't know this existed. Are there then people who search through unresolved questions by the tags? It does mean though that even once it is resolved, it will remain in the wrong category until I go back online and remove the "unresolved" tag and title right? My computer is broken so it could be a while before I'm back. It could be nice to have it built into the system so that when a new answer is added it returns to the "answered" category, until someone marks it as unresolved again. And then it might also be possible to have a button at the top for "unresolved" beside "unanswered"?
Yeah it'd be cool but once you select BA it kind of resolves the question no matter what, and what with how busy Pokemaster is even if he OK'd that it would probably be a while before it was installed
Fair enough. About 10 minutes ago I spent a while searching for what BA means lol. (To me, it's an airline....) I realise now, it's best answer, right? It seems it's become such a commonly used abbreviation on this site that people don't bother to explain it anymore. Perhaps I should suggest a PokeBase term glossary too :) but I just realised I'm missing the sunshine outside, so I should tear myself away from this site now....
lolol sorry it never even occurred to me that BA would be totally lost on you xD
Haha I guess it's no different to when I write pkmn in a text to a friend and they have no idea what I am talking about. One day I will automatically use BA on here and some newbie will ask me what it means... then I will be reminded of you, heheh :)