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Question - I answered a question on the 8th April, I'm pretty sure, according to my Chrome history. I read a question that I thought would also help me in my game, but when I tried the answer, it didn't work. So I looked on Bulbapedia and it turns out the other answer was inaccurate, so I then wrote and posted a better answer (in my opinion). However it's not appeared on the page yet. Is there any way for me to know the status of this post? Is it still pending? Was it lost? Was it posted and then hidden? Did I spend so much time on this site that I actually had a dream that I wrote and posted an answer on PokeBase!? 0_o

Suggestion - I understand from some recent posts and my American friend that it's been spring break recently, so maybe the admins haven't had time to check my answer or maybe there's a backlog ... if this is the case, I would like to suggest that posts pending approval by a moderator can be viewed by the original poster on their profile page, either in full but so that no one else can see it somehow, or even just a link saying the title of the question asked, and the fact that it's pending? Just so that if I did in fact dream it or it's been lost in the ether of the internet, then I know, and am not just waiting indefinitely and wondering if I am actually going senile or not..

Also, perhaps my post was hidden. If so, would I be told? If not, could I be, please? There seem to be a lot of people wondering why their posts were hidden. I think it would be nice if there was a system where the person hiding the post had to explain why, and then a message telling you that your post was hidden and the reason behind it was sent to you somehow, plus a transcript of your original post ... I think that would perhaps solve some problems for people? Because, if you're as stubborn and argumentative as me, I like to either be proven wrong, or prove my innocence, so to speak. I am happy to have posts removed and have it explained to me what I was doing wrong. I hate if someone removes a post and I am left wondering why, did I do something wrong, or did the person who removed it make a mistake? If I had a reason and a copy of my original script, I could at least argue back against it... or something...

Eheh, anyway I am going to be optimistic that my post wasn't removed, and that it is just pending, and that it will magically appear, any day now :)

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Most likely, a Mod hasn't approved your answer yet.
Link me to the question?
hiii sorry for the delay! It was this one. I agree that it was my first answer, so I probably had to wait for it to be checked... but ... My answer was right, I'm pretty sure. The answers still there are both wrong because they're for other games, not the one in the title of the question. :) X

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Yes, what Poke' slash said, the reason is that if under a certain amount of points, the question or answer won't appear until a member with authority (i.e a Mod or Editor) approves it. This is to make sure that new users do not mindlessly post questions before they even know what is and isn't allowed. However, a user Physically needs to check your question and approve it. and Editors and mods are not around 24/7. And not everyone has the same time zones, so it could take awhile to be approved.

If it was hidden, there is a post to where you can ask why. Or the person who hid it can just comment here. in interest, the Thread is here.

Hope I helped xD

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Hi thank you for answering! Yes I saw that thread, but I wasn't sure if my answer had been rejected or hidden, or whether it was just still pending. Also I didn't realise you could ask on there where your post had gone, I thought it was just an info page. Yes that was my first answer I think, that's why I remember it specifically, so I wouldn't have had enough points at the time. I still think it would be good if you could see your pending posts and they could have a status attached, e.g. pending, rejected or hidden.... It would probably a lot of effort for Pokemaster though. Using the existing thread is fine I guess. :)
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It would help if you said what the question was!

I have just been though the moderation area and approved everything that needed approving, which I do regularly anyway (as do other moderators). So it's possible your post got accidentally rejected.

Unfortunately, posts that were hidden or rejected usually get deleted after a while so it's possible your post got deleted. Really sorry for that.

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lol well, i checked his points. They are under the required amount anyway. so it probably was just it not being approved xD
Thank you for checking for it, yes it probably was just accidentally deleted as it had already been answered twice. I still think their answers are incorrect though. Nw I will write another answer, I think I have enough points now ;)