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My suggesion is to answer a few of the unanswered questions in the META site. Some of the questions are over a month old, even one of mine isnt answerd...

My concern (this has heppened 2 times, by the way) is that somone is voting me down. Two days ago, my down votes were on 36. Over a few days it has increased; it is on 45 now, and I usually get 1 vote down a day or none at all...
Just go onto http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/SuperFlygon and see if any of my recent activity is Bad/Wrong. If not, this must be the case.

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Yes, 2 of my questions haven't been answered.

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It looks like most of the down votes came on one answer. I hid that question anyway because it was bad.

I think most of your input has been great! So don't worry about occasional down votes they are going to come now and again.

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