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Pokemaster, I have realized that a lot of users are getting poinnts relly quick and and I think I know why:
People are voting EVERYTHING they see for points. Remember how you get Point(s) for voting things? Well ive seen a lot of profiles and a lot of users have gave out at least 500 votes and continue to do so. Just go onto some profiles of user that go up a few hundred points every day and you should notice a difference in a lot of the voting sections. I think you should stop handing out points like this because they are getting points for well, pretty much nothing.

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No we all ask alot of q's like I stopped coming on the site for a day I came back and had over 1000 points
If you are referring to me, then it is for answering and asking question. Also the rules say that if an answer is correct, vote it up. I got voted up amazingly these past few days and I don't understand why. So I think this is a good question.
This is to back you up, look at this! http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/NJDevil15263040
Pakey, I did everything by the rules! As PokemonBlack said, it's OK to vote something right! I never voted on something wrong! And, it doesn't help only me - it helps everyone 'cause there are great answers with no points - and thats unfair!
My idea is to stop from now on, not stop handing out 10 prs. My actual question is its just a little unfair...
I think it could be partly due to new comers getting confused between voting up ALL good answers - or - voting for the ONE best answer. I can see that a lot of answers are correct and very detailed, so choosing just one could be difficult and result in a person voting many times on a single question.
Hmm, so how to fix it?.. Ermm, maybe allowing people to vote only once on an answer per question. ??
Not quite sure why people would be all too worried about earning points anyway, should be here just to enjoy the conversations and the community.
^ Very good points there.
Pun intended.
I guess I am somewhat guilty of this as I do upvote quite a few good answers and some questions.
I try not to upvote too much anymore as I did realize a couple weeks ago that I was upvoting by a large amount.

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Yeah it's a tough one. The +1 point is there to try and encourage people to vote for good answers.

But I can see your thought, if someone upvotes every single post might get a few thousand points. But then voting on all those posts takes a looooooong time and isn't worth it.

And remember, the person who made the post gets more points from the upvote, so if you vote on every post everyone else will still have more points.

If I get rid of the +1 for voting up, most people would lose 500-1000 points. I guess this isn't a huge amount for the people over 10,000. Feel free to comment if you think I should change it.

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Just thought I'd throw in my opinion here. As pokemaster said, most of the points go to the receiver of the upvote, rather than the giver, so even if they vote everything up, they still will be behind everyone else. the scale of what is considered a lot of points would raise because all of our points will go up. By this, cheating the system by voting everything up ends up working against you if you want to get a higher rank. I think it's fine the way it is with the 1+ point for voting up answers. The alternative would be people voting down other answers for no real reason, and since the receiver loses more points than the person who voted it down, it would lead to a lot of needless downvotes. That being said, the points really aren't that important aside from mod/editor privileges which Pokemaster could easily reset the standards for. If a ton of people end up getting points by voting up, rather than answering good questions and proving that they are reliable, pokemaster could easily just choose not to give them editing power.
Yeah. I someone that was on for a month and he had like over 5000 points. I was on for 3 months and I havent even reached 100 yet.