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A lot of the suggestions here are pretty old, and some of the popular ones pander to whatever was part of mainstream pop culture, but have since seen a decline in usage.

There are a few other problems:

  • The massive number of answers, and the support on them clearly indicate that this thread is from when the DB was way, way more active than it is now.

  • So, many of the tourneys require several participants, which unfortunately, we can't always assure. The most recent tournament has 4(?) members, despite it being holiday season.

  • There's a need for newer ideas and formats that require fewer people (8 at the most), which are quick to play, and don't involve long and complex rules that make team building a bigger chore that takes up more time than spent playing with said teams.

  • Due to popularity, some of those next in line are outdated now (several celebrating the release of ORAS.. We're two main series titles off, now) so obviously the rules or theme or the intent behind those are.. lacking.

  • Hence the need for more updated ones. sumwun has been consistently giving great ideas that are far down, but much more relevant to the current meta and usage. With a bit of tweaking, we can fit most of the newer ones to fit our tighter participant pool so that we get a good tourney out of it. (Some of the older suggestions ask 16, even more people)

  • These tourneys again, can't be stretched for too long, because the wind peters out after a while. Hence the need for a mini-series. These minis can be done in between major tourneys from the main page or can be the de facto ongoing tournaments for the site (at least until usage picks up to allow for more creative teams). I don't honestly know where the users are going to come from, but holiday season, as well as newer games and hopefully nostalgia on part of the older users will eventually give us enough to focus on that. It's hurtful to watch the great ideas (the current Pacifist is such a great idea, but for poor sign ups) go through without getting nearly as much playtime and exposure as they deserve.

I made this a separate question to serve as an alternative to that over cluttered tourney ideas page, where we can have smaller, simpler ideas and execute them.

Further, I say we make them very time bound: Tournaments start on Sundays (GMT) of every week, on the PS! server, and we finish with them before the coming Saturday. Obviously the issues such as varying time zones will put a damper, so I guess we can give some leeway, but since these are the more "unofficial" spin-offs, the signups and results don't matter as much as regular. Not that the other tourneys were giving anything in reward, but obviously, the scope of those ideas are bigger. I say we implement a few simple and fun idea every week, just so people know to go the PS! server and basically battle it out whenever they see their opponent online. The part where brackets are created and executed is unnecessary for smaller number of users, and often give match ups that take too much time to completion due to time zone differences.

What do you guys think?

I thought a while ago that it might be best to simply start a new thread for tournaments, and vote on them all over again. If there are ideas on that thread we still want, we can post them again on a new thread. The current one will not be functional, as you’re right, the vote counts are skewed massively against new and meta-relevant ideas.
Keeping two threads will probably end up messy — I think it would be good to collate all our current ideas in one place. Mini-tournaments might not always be necessary; you never know, we may very well peak again when Pokémon for Switch comes out.
Tour thread was a user started thing anyway wasn't it? Fizz, any reason you an't just post a thread asking if its a good idea and if people agree just make one? (or was this going to be your way of gauging response :P)
The 4-player tournaments already seem small enough. Even then, they take much longer than 1 week to finish.
As for the proposed new thread, I don't think it's necessary. I'd be okay if we just did all the old tournaments one by one, even if I have to wait 5 years to play with my ideas.
that would be a tragedy and you know it.
I think we need a new thread. If nothing else, old one is messy and outdated. Having new and more relevant tours coming to the forefront would be great.
More than half of the ideas on the first page are still relevant or can easily be adapted to become relevant. Even if they aren't, we don't need a completely new thread. We can just hide all the outdated ideas on the old thread. someone going to hide the outdated tournament ideas?
We need someone with more...authority. I get nostalgic af so even thought I *can*, I won't

Need we hide them all? Creating a different place seems a better idea to a romantic fool like me xD

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