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Surprised no one asked this but it is what it says.

I think this should count as a duplicate. Is there anything you're asking that isn't already answered by these threads?
I think this is fine. The rule is about identical questions, not about the information existing in other threads. My stance toward that is different if the topic is repeated so often that it's a bother.

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The battles themselves or the whole process? The battles take place on our Showdown server. There isn't really anything special about them, both players simply agree to follow the rules and only use Pokémon that are allowed.

As for the process itself, it goes as follows:

  1. Someone posts a tourney idea as an answer on the tournament thread
  2. People vote on the ideas and discuss rules and what Pokémon will be allowed
  3. The answer with the most votes is chosen as the format for the next official tournament.
  4. Someone volunteers/is chosen to be the host
  5. The host creates a thread for the current tournament. This includes all information, rules, and deadlines.
  6. Users sign up for the tournament by posting answers on the host's thread. You need to say what your time zone is and when you'll be available to battle.
  7. The host posts the first matchups, and the tournament begins.
  8. The winner and runner-up are added to the Hall of Fame

Here's suwmun's guide on how to host a tournament

And an example of a past tournament thread.

If any of this is incorrect please let me know and I'll edit it.

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Not only the winner but also the person who lost the finals is in the hall of Fame.