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Favorite Pokémon: Swablu Altaria Mareep Flaaffy Swirlix Mega Altaria Mega Ampharos Ampharos Wooloo and more.
Friend Codes: Discord username Meep#2955 Pokemongo friend code 6020 2754 5331 please post on my wall when sending a request also my pokemon showdown name is Fluff Absorb
About me: I like fluff and don't like it when People edit my stuff on pokebase. Also changed email to newly created gravatar and the email it shows feels weird :{ Please challenge me on showdown post your username on my wall and let me know time you can do it. p.s Please use central or eastern time.

Easter eggs in pokemon go type shiny and you see your shiny pokemon and for legendary you find your legendary pokemon and in showdown while trying KRLW890's easter eggs found out in showdown if you type smogon you find koffing also in pokemon go run away  in the oppisete direction of starters a few times pikachu spawns done it myself.

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We can play, but maybe some time later. I'm busy with assignments at the moment, and I'm trying to avoid playing games until I've got less on my plate.
3 days ago by Fizz
I can battle you in BSS right now
6 days ago by BlackAce
In what? OU?
Aug 10 by BlackAce
Ps, looks like the timezone link included the parenthese. This is the actual link:
Aug 10 by KRLW890
I’m not on Showdown too often unless there’s a tournament (or if I want to use the team builder for two seconds to calculate a Pokémon’s stats). If you want to battle, I should be available for most of tomorrow. I’m in the UTC-5 Timezone (, to give you an idea of when I’d be awake. Although I only have a complete team in UU, so that limits our options for format.

And no, I don’t actually live in Antarctica :P I put that there when I was first setting up my page because I wasn’t comfortable putting “America” there at the time, and now I find it just mildly amusing enough to keep me from changing it.
Aug 10 by KRLW890
Aerodactyl's main STAB attack is stone edge, which ground Pokemon easily switch into. Ice fang Aerodactyls can force ground Pokemon to switch out and stop them from using moves like stealth rock or stone edge.
Aug 9 by sumwun
Please don't bump old posts unless you're going to add something both new and useful to the topic.
Aug 8 by Hellfire Taco
but isn't Psyduck psychic type?
Aug 8 by sumwun
Aug 4 by Hellfire Taco