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(PS like you see the user "NebbyY" this is Molthree's screenshot, my computers screenshot doesn't work, I'll never use Light mode)

Now, since IAmYandereAF is clearly abusing his power, is obnoxius, muted me just because he started insulting me(with cursing) and I just defended my self by saying: intimidate, some word you probably never would know about, I mean it's pretty mean, but still, he said the n- word, and other (terrible)curses without a reason.
Then I think he clearly deserves a demotion. Maybe even a short ban.

Now, Fizz, I know you are gonna say: "what you said to him isn't better.", now, he didn't only curse me, he did curse NebbyY (alot), me (alot), and probably other users.
I actually don't have a screenshot button that works, and he insults NebbyY mostly when I'm not on, and didn't know how to screenshot before at all, so I don't have some testimony for that. :/

He left that over 25 minutes since I am creating my post, he probably gonna leave it like that the whole day, and Database Showdown isn't maybe the most important thing of the Database, but I think you can't say that this is hardly abuse.

I didn't post this in the Report users page because: I didn't feel if he actually really needed a ban, I just felt for giving him a demotion, and maybe a ban.

EDIT: over one hour!

That's all!

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We should try asking Deso

Also yay I'm in this screencap but boo under such trash circumstances. My 3 straight randbat losses have been immortalised xD

That said, who TF is that? What's their db username?
Also, it's demote. Not down promote. Just sayin
Clue: ImYandere said s/he is not mod.
S/he knows jar jar.
S/he cursed fizz and jar jar and s/he sweared on PS!'s lobby.
It’s been like, 6 or 7 hours, and the chat is still moderated.
At present, I can't actually do anything as I am only a Voice on the server.
Looks like we can trust Pokemaster to see this soon enough, so all should be fine.
And for the record, yeah this behavior isn't allowed in this community.

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They have been demoted, and Fizz has been promoted to Leader in order to assist in moderation.

Feels good to be back!

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Yay Mewderator :D
Hi Mew!
I noticed the server has been a lot more active ever since this change.