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Certain users keep abusing the name change rule by where you go onto a section of the site that recognizes you as a new user and change your name. Please make it stop.
They usually change their name to be trolls. I say that once you change your name as a new user, they cannot change it again until the next name change period.

Fellow Experts, please edit in more things

Small note from Fizz

Just editing this to be clear on this for anyone who's unaware. There's a system in the site where users are free to change their username whenever they like until they make a post. This is intended to help new users change their name if they dislike the one they signed up with. There are problems with the system though, which I will outline now.

  • The first is that it doesn't deactivate when you post in the chat room. This means that new users are free to impersonate people or troll in the chat room, so long as they don't post in the actual Q&A areas. This also makes it easy for people to ban evade. If they change their username and erase anything that would allow us to identify them, it's impossible for us to locate their account.
  • The other is arguably a more serious bug. The name change "deactivation" doesn't carry from section to section. This means that you could make hundreds of posts on PokeBase and Meta, but if you hadn't touched the RMT section, you'd be able to change your name by accessing your account settings in that section. This is how the user linked in the comments was able to change their username, despite having made many posts in PokeBase and Meta.

Any users found to exploit these issues in the site will receive a ban.

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well then what if we ask mods for name change (users that can) so that they can keep track of who has changed name,
ehh... i'd  say not. users just need to waituntil name changes. but if they made a typo in their name by accident, then imo THAT would make it okay. Except that if they made a typo during name changes they could just change it because it's not against the rules...
I feel like that has something to do with me >.>
it doesn't, you didn't even come to mind. lol

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