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Because when they change their name, any links to their profile stop working.

Any way you can patch this up so we can still find their profile?

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What early name change?
People who have never posted before can change their username whenever they want.
Oh. Thx

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Hmm, it seems there isn't an option for this. Only for "Allow users with posts to change their username". I will see if I can find a workaround. Perhaps we need to limit chat to people with a few more points.

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I don't agree with the chat thing, because there are more people with no points that cause no trouble than there are people with no points that cause trouble. I'd rather just handle the trolls instead, as we always catch them eventually, since they are quite... stupid to put it lightly.
You can give all the users ID numbers, and that can be used in the link - of course, you can use user names in the link as well, it will just redirect.
Is my suggestion useful? :3
You mean IP address?