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Earlier today, the chat was in an argument about Ninja's Mega Metagross pair. He muted me and ignored me. Hex released me from my prison, saying the lock was unjustified. Just now, he locked me, which I believe was unneeded, as I did nothing. Perhaps a lowering in rank would suit this, or are all admins supposed to be jerks?

EDIT (3/10/14): I do see what Ninja is saying, and how I did not stop asking, and the mute is not what I'm worried about. However, when Ninja relogged, he locked me instantly. THIS is what I am bringing to notice. Also, I only mute-evaded the second mute that was given, the one I don't agree with, when I was talking to some friends on the server. The first one, the one that I find semi-just, occurred when I didn't even know what mute-evading was.

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Maybe you said something bad?
"tbh he was probably in a really bad mood.
As an unspoken rule, never piss off Ninja when his in a bad mood."

If someone is in a bad mood, then it's their fault for letting their emotions cloud their judgement. Other people shouldn't just excuse that.
First off, you kept commanding me. It was annoying. So I muted you. I told you exactly why you were muted. Then you kept announcing how it was unjustified and tried to mute evade. So I muted you again. Each time you do it I will continue to mute you. And this goes for anyone.

Trachy, I am deeply sorry.
Mega you were pretty much acting like a troll when your OP suggestions were turned down. Sorry, but you were asking for it, considering you wouldn't stop. Anyways a mute isn't like a ban, so stop whining if you were unmuted later.
Mega Power vs Ninja Power

               Who wins¿
See next season at Pokemon DB

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What? I never!

Swords at dawn good sir!

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According to the question, you ever. xD
Not to be rude... :3
I'll referee.

Jerry Springer style.
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I abuse. I want a post all about me! Make me famous!
But really, Ninja does a good job with moderating, so leave him be.

And even if the was a slight hint of aboose moose(o3o) then I'm sure you could deal with it. No?

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Wait, just by saying 'We can end it here' just ends the argument?
Well, whaddaya know. I should do that sometime. :/
Wow, 32(-2) really unnecessary comments about a small pointless thing.
Well, I'm so glad you're above it all. Jeez.

We kept saying over and over again that people should elaborate more on the issue to get it out the way.
Peace And love
ANd why is it feeling like I just read a book
Weird, since I just did read a book! :o