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The next PokeBase Tournament, hosted by J™, is set to begin sometime around June 21st! However, before this tournament begins, the participants can vote for which tournament will run. Details about each of the options are available in the tournament suggestions thread. Use the poll linked below to submit your choice.

June PokeBase Tournament Poll


  • Please only vote if you intend on participating in the tournament (though voting does not commit you to participating).
  • To prevent repeat votes, you must give a link to your PokeBase account.
  • To make sure the votes are authentic, please leave a comment on this thread if you voted.
  • This isn't the sign up thread -- you'll need to sign up to the tournament separately when the official thread goes up.

Have fun. Also, this poll will likely close in about a week. At that time I will post the results and then signups.

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If someone answers without a link to their username, I can delete their response.  I deleted the Super Staff Bros. From the poll (thanks sumwun).  If you only voted for that option, please fill the form out again the same way with different tournament choices and I'll just delete the other response.
There should be *five* tournaments in the poll and not four. If Staka~’s tournament is removed, add another one from the thread.
Voted. I'll prolly only play if the "unrestricted item" format is the winner of the voting.
voted (filler)
I have voted.

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Results Time!

We will be playing the Unrestricted Items tournament! It had 5 votes compared to 4 for the Points Tournament. A majority voted to not play a standard format too.

Signups will be posted soon.