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The next PokeBase tournament, hosted by the esteemed Cristal Maybach, will start approximately around the 7th of January. But before that, the participants can vote for which tournament will run. Details about each of the options are in the tournament suggestions thread. Use the poll linked below to make your choice.

January PokeBase Tournament Poll


  • Please only vote if you intend on participating in the tournament (though voting does not commit you to participating).
  • To prevent repeat votes, you must give a link to your PokeBase account. It is set up so you cannot plainly write your username.
  • To make sure the votes are authentic, please leave a comment on this thread if you voted.
  • This isn't the sign up thread -- you'll need to sign up to the tournament separately when the official thread goes up.

That's all, and a happy new year and happy holidays to everyone!

its 5th january on my place :D
cant wait for the result!
Sorry for this lol I’ll try to post it today, exams and cricket consumes a lot of time.
Cricket is the second most followed sport in the world after football. It's mostly popular in Commonwealth countries though, so most people outside the Commonwealth don't know about it
Aah that cricket. No one plays it in my country :T

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Sorry for the delay, as I mentioned exams + cricket take a lot of my time. Anyways, I'll post the results right away.

We will be hosting the Generation 4 Sinnoh Tournament!

84.6% of the voters chose to play a non-standard format from the thread, and from there 38.5% of them voted for the Generation 4 Sinnoh Tournament, so we'll host the latter. The standard formats will have a go in the next poll again.

The top voted tournament from the suggestion thread was the Generation 4 Sinnoh tournament (38.5%). The least voted tournaments were Super Staff Bros. and Godly Enchantment (7.7% each), so both of them will drop off the next poll, though they will be eligible for the poll after that.

I'll post the signup thread either today or tomorrow, depending on when I get the time. I'll also post the custom command for the games, so don't worry about that. Till then, be good people!

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Closed the poll.
Cricket is the game where you have a paddle and use it to hit those insects that jump a lot, right?
Also can you please make sure to tell everyone to vote on whether they want to ban stealth rock?
I know what I’m supposed to do, that’d be in the signup thread for the players to discuss, similar to the WG tour.
Okay thanks I just wanted to make sure.