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10 years ago today, my brother and I received our first Pokémon game. We both worked together to save up enough money for a DS and one copy of SoulSilver, so we had to share. We named the trainer after him and our starter Chikorita after me (even though it ended up being a male, haha).
May 13 by KRLW890
Yeah there's gonna be a few of that kind of thing
May 13 by PX ™
Have you been asked any weird questions yet
May 12 by PX ™
Congrats on 10K!
May 8 by SeeYaLater!
is now ok?
May 6 by pokemon11631
can you trade in SwSh sometime soon
May 6 by pokemon11631
please no
May 2 by Hellfire Taco
hey dont pass me pls thx
May 2 by Hellfire Taco
Congrats getting 10,000 points!
May 1 by Jhnfui
You got 10,000 points congrats!
May 1 by |Corviknight|