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You got expert before 6,000 points? How'd that happen?
Jul 4 by Your Excellency
Just curious, but is horseradish a gender?
Jun 28 by Jhnfui
Hey sorry it took a while. Sent you a friend request in PoGo, my igns Ant3999
Jun 8 by Emty
yeah px will EPICLY ban. OMG such an EPIIIIC ban
May 27 by SpillThePolteageist
Ur mean I will ban you ahhhhhh
May 27 by PX ™
Hey can I be a mod
May 26 by PX ™
if u dont want mod i will be
May 24 by SpillThePolteageist
If they need new mods they have to be choosing you, right?
May 24 by SeeYaLater!
Congrats on the first Pokemon Game! How'd it turn out?
May 16 by ItsYaBoiFlareon