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Did a question or answer you posted seemingly vanish? If so, it was probably hidden. This would mean it has been withdrawn from public access, presumably by a staff member. If you are not sure why your post was hidden (or otherwise removed, e.g. by getting closed), then you can use this thread to ask a staff member about it. Any new posts asking why questions were hidden will be hidden.

Before posting, please read the steps below.

Step 1: Read the rules page. You should have done this already. The page is our best effort to list every reason why a post might be removed. The most common among them include:

  • the post was a duplicate, i.e. the question was already asked or a very similar answer already existed,
  • the question was made on the wrong section,
  • the question was unclear, or lacked the detail needed to be answerable,
  • the post was an incomplete moveset submission on a moveset thread (please read),
  • the question too closely resembled a discussion thread, and
  • the post was about getting movesets (there is a system in place for that).

If you've read the rules thoroughly and you're sure your post didn't fit any of the categories, read onward.

Step 2: Locate your post, and provide a link to it. If your post was taken down, you should be able to find a notification about it in your updates area, or find it through your Ctrl + H browser history. If all else fails, describe your post thoroughly so we know which you're addressing.

Step 3: Check your post using the link you found. It is possible your post is public, and you've simply struggled accessing it. You'll know that it's indeed hidden if it is faded white -- in that case, proceed onward. Otherwise, it is either public or pending review -- in that case, it's simply a waiting game from this point.

However, if you've verified your post is in fact hidden, and you've got a link (or good description) for it...

Step 4: Leave a message here! Paste the link to your post, and give some context if you deem necessary. A staff member or other reputable user will respond with an explanation as to what happened. Please, do not respond aggressively: you aren't going to have your way screaming expletives at us. If you're nice to us, we'll be nice to you.

Posts here are removed over time to prevent clutter.

Hey you, did you actually read these steps before posting? In full? Ignoring things is probably what got you here in the first place!

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i was reading this and I still feel sad no one likes my answers i hate how I’m not welcome..
You are not unwelcome. If you put more research into your answers and make sure they are relevant to the question, then they will be received better.
I asked a question, and gave out two answers as well.
It's not showing up on my account. Why? Could anyone help? Also, one answer showed up, and now i have 12 points. Please help?
@Seven of Nine(tails) I found one of your hidden answers:
This answer was hidden because it does not include EVs, which we require for all moveset answers. If you don't know what EVs are, there are many guides online that go over what they are.
If you posted the question 17 hours ago, along with the other two posts, then I couldn't find it. Maybe you forgot to click "Ask the question"?
@Seven of Nine(tails), did you follow the steps in the main post? You would have been able to find the post KRLW890 linked above by going to your updates list (step #2).
The reason you have 12 points instead of 20 is that you received -10 points for getting a down-vote, and +2 points for selecting an answer to your question. Read the following for more information:
It is possible that you can't see your posts because you are looking for them on the wrong section. For example, if you are here on the Meta section, then you won't see posts you sent to the main section. Here is a link to your profile on the main section, where one question and one answer are available:
As KRLW890 described above, I removed one of your answers. If there are more that you are not sure about, please describe them or link to them (per step #2) so we know what to explain.

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