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(I removed the flag)
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Every time I report an error, someone always replies "It's not important." "IT DOESN'T MATTER!!1!1!!!" Who freaking cares if it isn't important? It's stupid, and why wouldn't you want to fix something that's wrong? If you don't have time, do it when you do have time. I know this isn't going to happen for this reason. And i'm probably going to get hate comments.

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sorry, it's not important. (xD)

Ok sorry bout that, but I genuinely don't see the issue.
they're hidden. why flag them. if they're hidden.
I know what you are wound up about, its one of them "what is the point of that!!" type of complaints. Fair enough everyone has those ;}

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I think the reason you can flag those comments is because they are not technically hidden. But the answer is hidden so they don't show up.

P.S. You are right, even if it's not really important it's still something that should be fixed. I will check into it but honestly I probably won't get round to it any time soon, sorry.

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