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You lose two points when you downvote, but if the question/answer that gets hidden you should get your points back because obviously, the question/answer gets hidden because it deserves a downvote.

Thanks for reading!!

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color font? Aliens...
magic bro
ever heard of html?
yea <font color="the color you want here">Insert Text Here</font color>
shush kyron :C
Good idea!

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sigh thanks, now I gotta figure out how to remove font tags....

EDIT: okay done :D I'll actually answer the question now. Why the heck did you select best answer already, when it didn't answer the question?!

As I have said before, the points should come back eventually when the post is deleted after a while. I see what you're saying but it's only 2 damn points.

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Why did you have to get rid of it D: