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Title says all. Btw I am not asking for most upvoted. I know the most upvoted one.

Thanks for clarifying that you only want the most downvoted I was really confused!
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The lowest-voted answer that’s technically not hidden is one on a hidden question about Arbok evolving into Seviper. It was a user calling another stupid and had -15 downvotes.

The lowest answer on a visible question is why won't cynthia battle me, currently at -7.

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I donvoted this visible answer for the sake of being an idiot
+Leafy language.
Wasn't there one being that someone thought you where duping the Pokémon App Pokemaster?
@syl Is this is what you’re thinking of? It’s a question though, not an answer.
I didn’t count Meta, only Pokebase.
Woops, misread the Question.
Alright. Thank you!