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I posted a battle replay on here.

And I left it there so it can get approved, but when I came it says it's hidden.

I have tried posting it 3 times and it still needs to get approved. It was hidden every time.
It didn't say a mod hid my post, but it always got hidden.

Maybe it was flagged
Nope and there were no reason to flag it.
If a mod hid it, the post will simply say that it was hidden. It won't way by a mod, so I guess that's what happened.
No when a mod hides something it says that a mod hided the question/answer.
The image is because Mike is favorited for you
What you mean?

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Because of a bug on the site. Basically, if you edit your post on something that was posted a long time ago and you don't have the points to bypass moderation, the post will show up in the admin again for some reason. Then if an editor+ chooses not to approve it, it will be hidden.

Not sure if PM knows about this, should be fixed though as it becomes a problem pretty frequently with newer users constantly editing posts on moveset threads and stuff.

EDIT: I just looked at the post and approved it. The images are gigantic which is probably why they were hidden, the page lags enough without extra images to load.

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Actully i added the images after they got hidden.