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Can any REALLY bad movesets be hidden? (both a question and a suggestion)

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I wanted to ask whtehr mods and editors re allowed to hide really bad moveset questions (ones aren't useful but still sorta usable don't count, they'll just be left alone or downvoted)

If it's not, I want to suggest that they can. Obviously, guidelines would have to be put in place. I'm not sure what these guidelines are but someone could figure something out.

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In this case, are you talking about hiding just new movesets or old ones as well? Seeing as a lot of old movesets are quite outdated but still account for several good discussions/decent ideas but often lack everything but moves, would these be hidden as well?
Maybe not, I'm just bothered about new people answering them with really bad answers because they don't know much about battling yet :P
Well new people are just trying to get their teams rated probably, not show off. It's generally our responsibility to give our advice, not to hid them. RMT doesn't just show off, it helps too, and hiding questions would go against the point of that. Don't worry though, you are not alone, I hate random mega alakazams on OU teams that pair it up with zero support and don't even know how to build a real team.
Well, when i joined this site a year ago. I made some moveset answers. My answers were horrible. So they got hidden. I did not know anything about competitive. I did not even know about EVs/IVs nor how to use a Pokémon's stats right combined with the moves. I think movesets that are **really** bad should be hidden. Like having moves that can't be learned by the pokemon (except if it is for a tier that allows that or someting). I dont think outdated answers should be hidden. Some people might still battle with those generations of games. So hiding old outdated answers is **not** a good idea. Answers with bad grammar can be edited so they shouldn't be hidden.

Movesets without EVs/Nature/Item can still be useful ingame but not in competitive. and the thing about new people answering moveset questions. Those answers need to be approved be for showing up. So a mod gotta approve them and if they are approved they arre probably alright.

This is my thoughts you guys might not think the same but,
Btw, you guys misunderstand. I'm not talking about RMT, I mean Pokebase moveset questions. Sorry, I thought that was clear.
I think maybe put a thing at the top of each answer saying which generation its best suited to.

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In the words of Pokemaster,

just downvote them. Even if they are bad, they aren't technically wrong.

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fair nuff
Indeed. Good movesets are subjective.