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Say I answer a question but I don't read the answers and I post the same things and a Mod (say ~~WILL~~) hides it but I don't know why. On that person's wall send a message saying your post was hidden because 'so and so' and also leave a link and make it visible to only the person that made the post. This will reduce the amounts of complaints on the "Why was my post hidden?" page.

Are you suggesting a semi-automated message? Because if the mods had to hand type it on every person's wall who has this happen to them, it would be more work then just having people post on the thread.
Also, some people don't check their walls.
I'm not trying to shoot the idea down, but could you be a bit more specific?
This is often done, but must not always. I doubt that a Mod will remember or bother to tell every single time. If X answer was hidden, it was either because it broke rules or was redundant. And if you really don't know why, we have a thread for it on 'Useful Posts' just there

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