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Title says it all, make it a privilege at around 30-40 points or so.

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Soz lol
Posting links at all, for that matter.
This isn't such a bad idea, really.

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I've only just seen this o3o.

Post a link on your profile and update it. see what happens? Unlike on chat or PokeBase, the links doesn't highlight blue, and when you click it, nothing happens. While you can still access the link by highlighting it and by right clicking, than selecting the go to {insert address here}, it's not a link per say. It's simply text, just like Mew saying "Hi" on his pink ass wall. Text in the form of an address bar doesn't count really as a link, it's just an address. It's very hard for a code to distinguish what you want to call a link when the link is just the same as all the other text, except in a different format. The only way to remedy this would to actually make them into links, rather than link addresses.

Also, this isn't really needed. Why should people not be able to share their YouTube channel or whatever. As long as they don't spam links or link to malevolent sites, it's all fine. And those who do are more than likely going to banned anyway, we can't make life more difficult for honest people because of a couple trolls.

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The only reason links don't become URLs is because he unlinked the profile page. He could easily re-link it so that the page recognizes a URL.
My answer still stands o3o