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Can these answers please be banned/hidden

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If there's one thing I hate it's this answer:

"Well Game Freak just made it that way"

This answer has no logic to it what so ever. Nearly everything Game Freak does will have a reason to as to why they did it, you just have to look hard enough. Most users answer with this to have a fast and easy answer on the board to gain points. I'll admit some instances will be more difficult to explain than others, but I don't agree with answers that say "Game Freak made it that way" or "Game Freak logic" because I think to myself well we all know Game Freak made it that way, what we want to know is "Why Game Freak made it that way?"

For the reasons above I think any answer with this, from this moment on should be banned and if any user answers with it the answer be hidden. That is of course if the answer does not list a potential reason as to why it is the way it is, whether this be fact or opinion based.

Thank you for reading this.

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I agree with this.
Though questions like 'Why is Pikachu yellow?' really are just Game Freak logic. xD
Cuz of electricity :o
Yes someone who agrees with me :P
I agree.....That's why when I ask these kind of questions, I put 'Please no 'Game Freak made it that way' or 'Game Freak logic' answers.'....

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These answers are completely valid. They are correct.

We can't control Gamefreak. We don't know the reasoning for what they have.

Maybe we should just ban questions like "Why is Pikachu yellow" or other stupid questions.

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You make a good point perhaps ban stupid question like you said.
Although I still think that if you looked hard enough on the internet you would fine a valid answer as to why Game Freak made it the way they did. You could also give an opinion to why you think Game Freak did it the way they did too.
No opinions in answers.
What if you found good evidence to support your opinion?
Then wumbo
Then you'd post it. :P
Though wumboing is always a good option. ^-^
Thank you spongebob for wumbo :D
Stupid questions are becoming all the more common on PokeBase.
Mainly because there are more people now

Hence why I'm still pushing for Editors ;~: