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The difference between every game and every generation is that generation includes version exclusives. Also if you didn't assume I mean every MAIN series game. They must be in every main series game starting from red and blue to sword and shield. The Pokemon must be able to be caught.

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From Bulbapedia: Zubat, Golbat, Psyduck, Golduck, Magnemite, and Magneton. Although none were added in Black and White and as they removed them, until the New Unova Pokedex in BW2. This is what Bulbapedia tells:

While these Pokémon have appeared in every regional Pokédex, no Pokémon has appeared in every version of every regional Pokédex, as the Unova Pokédex of Pokémon Black and White did not include any Pokémon introduced in prior generations until it was expanded to become the New Unova Pokédex in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.

So, there will be nothing however, as Y told:

However, Golduck, Golbat, and Magnemite (Only in Black, in White Forest) can all be obtained in BW without breeding / evolving, so yeah, all of those count since they're all in the same evolution chain as the other Pokemon listed. Magikarp can be bought in BW. Machop can be found in White Forest in White.

Included in Y's comment

Source: Bulbapedia and Y's comment
Hope this helps!

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you do realize that the asker said that the Pokemon needed to be able to be caught, right? in LeafGreen you can't get Golduck without transferring it from another game, and in XY, ORAS, and SwSh you can only get it by evolving Psyduck. Golbat also can't be found in XY and SwSh without evolving Zubat, and Magneton can't be obtained in Black without transferring, and only by evolving in GS, DP, ORAS, all the gen7 games, and SwSh.
Most of the time "caught" Isnt caught in the wild, because then technically I can't "catch" crabominabole in SM. Normally its considered that "caught" is able to be obtained
well yea, but transferring from other games obviously doesn't count. Evolving shouldn't count either imo.
I didn't ask if they were in the Pokedex but if they were catchable in every game/generation.
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