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I know this might sound like a strange question, but I was wondering if a Pokemon, such as mew, will naturally learn its level up moves if found above those levels in the wild. For example, mew learns pound at level 1, so if I find a wild level 7 mew, it will know pound. It learns its second move, transform, at level 10. So if I find a wild mew level 10 or higher, will it know pound and transform?

I guess that's how it works, yeah
I mean that would be how it always has worked, don't you think?

I suppose I would see the value asking if MEW IN PARTICULAR was any different given that you find it due to glitches in the first place, and that very well may be different, but as a whole? Come on this is obvious...
I was actually wondering this for mew in particular, which is why I used it as an example. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything different about doing it in gen 1 using a glitch to encounter mew.

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Yes, a Pokemon found at any level, knows the closest level up moves it can know(obviously not ahead of it's level, like a level 5 Rattata's not gonna know Quick Attack, it's level 7 move), so in Gen I a level 50 Mew would know: Super Fang, Hyper Fang, Focus Energy, and Quick Attack.
Source: Knowlege and expierence catching Pokemon, and the Rattata line pages.

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Note, this is for their Gen I movesets, I didn't realize till after I posted this that you just meant pokemon from Gen I, not pokemon in Gen I.