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Game Freak logic. Same with Arceus and Smeargle.
mew is different to arceus and smeargle because in first series of pokemon mew was pregnant and it didn't give birth to mewtwo infact it was never known. arceus is only god of certain dimensions and smeargle is unknown too but does have sketch which shakes it as possible human, it would make sense. since sun and moon and going the way of human transending soon. mega evolutions gong out window and its becoming human pokemon bonds. maybe theres a later release of certain pokemon being once human such as


Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry.

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good point, however by not having direct information on this we can only use typical explanations such as mew being a baby god, does any other Pokemon benefit from this


mew is the unknown of Pokemon, even arceus is only god of certain dimensions not god of ALL known Pokemon, I know this through

[SOURCE of arceus][1]


mew was also tampered with, it was shown in Pokemon first series to be pregnant, didn't give birth to mewtwo however it shows mew can carry. perhaps mew was the splice gene of arceus which can also learn moves however in a different method such as learning OP moves at later stages and being the essential type switching Pokemon. mew can tap any. does it matter whethere mew can learn a move every 10 levels or that mew can learn anything.