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I really dont think it could learn every move because how can it learn spacial rend, roar of time, shadow force, judgement, leech seed, quash and a lot more it can't learn these moves so what makes mew so special is gone due to the fact that it can't literally learn every move in the game.


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No. That would be insane. Mew can not learn every move, but it can learn every TM and HM move, every Move Tutor Move, and a fair bit of transfer moves as well. So it can't learn every move, but it can learn every move that you could possibly teach it.

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^ Also, combined with metronome, it could USE any move, but it cant LEARN any move.
That's not really applicable to learning the moves, however.
NO mew can't learn all move tutor moves it can't learn dragon accent blast burn hydro cannon and frenzy plant fir some reason
Yeah…there are those certain moves that are only learned by a few Pokémon (ex. Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, etc.)