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I was wandering, if Mew could learn ANY move it can't learn these moves:
Techno Bast
Scared Fire
Fusion Bolt/Flare
Blue Flare
Shear cold
Horn Drill (though it doesn't have a horn.)
Mega horn
Bolt Strike
Lock on

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Mew cant learn all moves, but it can learn all TMs

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thanks I'm just shocked at how it can't even learn bite!
Because Bite isn't a TM or Tutor move, nor does Mew learn it by level up. Speaking of which, Mew can learn all tutor moves as well as TMs
It can learn Seed Bomb too :3 I think that's kinda whack
Don't forget tutors and level up moves by Mew.
Wait, all Tutor Moves, too? Including the Starters-only and Dragon-only ones?
Not dragon and starters