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I know for a fact that mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon and in theory can learn all moves but when I took rayquaza and mew to the dragon accent move tutor it said that mew could not learn dragon accent how is that possible?!

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What does a dragon's accent sound like?
Maybe you could consider the fact that Rayquaza may have come into existence before Mew. In which case it makes sense.

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Well, it's this little thing called Game Freak Logic.

Theoretically, yes, Mew should have access to all Pokémon moves. However, logically, it can't. Mew only has 100 levels. There is no possible way for Mew to learn every single Pokémon move in 100 levels. To fix this, GF simply gave it access to every TM, HM and Move Tutor move ever. Also, it doesn't really make sense to give one Pokémon the signature move of another completely unrelated Pokémon. I know that Entei got Sacred Fire, but let's be real, he at least looks like he should be able to use Sacred Fire. Can you imagine tiny little Mew devastating everything with Dragon Ascent?

P.S. Don't bring up the fact that Darkrai got the signature moves of the Sinnoh Legends, that was just something for fans to drool over.

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See!! This is GF's loophole for everything!
Darkrai got the signature moves of the Sinnoh legends. Victini got the signature moves of the Unova legends. Imagine Hoopa with the signature moves of the Kalos legends. Geomancy + Power Herb + Magician Hoopa... *shudders*
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Hoopa @ Power Herb
Ability: Magician
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Speed / 4 SpD
Modest / Timid Nature

-Oblivion Wings
-Dark Pulse
-Psyshock / Psychic

Do Geomancy, consume your Power Herb, kill an opponent, take their item, and sweep. Oblivion Wings is recovery.
Hoopa of death