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When I say this I don't mean when Gained Via Poke transfer I mean finding them is water, tall grass, hidden places etc.


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When I just say a Pokemon's name, I also mean it's evolutionary line (mostly via evolution) unless I put a * next to it.

Bulbasaur: Lumiose City, Kalos
Charmander: Lumiose City, Kalos
Squirtle: Lumiose City, Kalos
Caterpie: Santalune Forest, Kalos
Weedle: Santalune Forest, Kalos
Pidgey: National Park, Johto
Ratatta: Union Cave, Johto
Spearow: Some Dude in Johto with the mail and nicknamed Kenya. xD
Ekans: Goldenrod Game Corner
Pikachu: Safari Zone, Hoenn
Sandshrew: Route 111, Hoenn
Nidoran (F & M): Route 35, Johto
Clefairy: Mt. Coronet, Sinnoh
Jigglypuff: Trophy Garden, Sinnoh
Vulpix: Route 36 (or whatever route is below Ecruteak City), Johto
Zubat: Yeah, I'm pretty sure these are found everywhere. xD
Oddish: Ilex Forest, Johto
Paras: ""
Venonat: National Park (Bug-Catching Contest), Johto
Diglett: Route 228, Sinnoh
Meowth: Trophy Garden, Sinnoh
Psyduck: It's available in Unova somewhere xD
Mankey: Route 42
Growlithe: Route before Ecruteak. :D
Poliwag: Ponds of Johto
Abra: Route before Goldenrod, Johto (Route 32?)
Machop: Route below Cycling Road, Sinnoh
Bellsprout: Sprout Tower, Johto
Tentacool: Between Olivine and Cianwood, Johto
Geodude: Granite Cave, Hoenn
Ponyta: Sinnoh somewhere. :3
Slowpoke: Slowpoke Well, Johto
Magnemite: Mahogany Rocket Hideout, Johto
Farfetch'd: Route before Olivine, Johto
Doduo: Mt. Silver, Johto
Seel: Seaside Cave, New Unova
Grimer: Fiery Path, Hoenn
Shellder: Undella Town, Unova
Gastly: Chateaux in Eterna Forest, Sinnoh
Onix: Oreburgh Mine, Sinnoh
Drowzee: Route before Goldenrod, Johto
Krabby: Olivine City, Johto
Voltorb: New Mauville, Hoenn
Exeggcute: Route 18, Unova
Cubone: Route 203, Sinnoh
Tyrogue (evolutions): Cave between Ecruteak and Mahogany, Johto
Lickitung: Route north-east of Solaceon, Sinnoh
Koffing: Mahogany Rocket HQ, Johto
Rhyhorn: Somewhere in Sinnoh xD
Chansey: Route below Solaceon, Sinnoh
Tangela: Route near Giant Chasm, Unova
Kangaskhan: Great Marsh, Sinnoh
Horsea: Route west of Pacifidlog, Hoenn
Goldeen: Route east of Opelucid, Unova
Staryu: Mossdeep City, Hoenn (In Hoenn somewhere, anyway)
Mr. Mine: Somewhere in Sinnoh
Scyther: National Park (Bug-Catching Contest), Johto
Jynx: Ice Cave, Johto
Electabuzz: Windmill place east of Floarama, Sinnoh
Magmar: " " (version exclusive)
Pinsir: Same as Scyther
Tauros: Route above Olivine, Johto
Magikarp: Literally everywhere in Hoenn. Seriously. xD
Lapras: The dude who gives you it in Kalos.
Ditto: Route before Goldenrod, Johto
Eevee: Castelia City, Unova
Porygon: Trophy Garden, Sinnoh
Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl: Fossils via Underground, Sinnoh
Snorlax: Pokemon Village, Kalos
Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres: Roaming Kalos
Dratini: Dragon's Den, Johto
Mewtwo: Pokemon Village, Kalos
Mew: Trade from Pokemon Ranch to DPPt.

Therefore, all Gen I Pokemon are available legally in all games.
Mew is only available via Pokemon Ranch, and if you can trade, Mew is available. But still, basically all Gen I Pokemon are available in all games. This also excludes the Kanto part of Gold and Silver, and their respective remakes.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience, this and some Pokemon's Bulbapedia pages.

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Indigo, I asked what Pokemon I can't find in other regions, not what Pokemon I can find in other regions and where
I know that. I'm posting all the locations as a source. :3
Wow, long list
How long did it take you to do this
...Quite long. xD
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Umm ... Mew? That's the best I can think of.

Thanks to a glitch in R/B Mew could be encountered like a regular Pokemon (without gamesharks, etc.), but ever since it has only been available via event.

That probably isn't what you mean, though, so I don't think there is.

However, I don't have a source. But quite apart from anything else, all of the Kanto Pokemon were available in GSC, except for the starters, the legendary birds, Omanyte and Kabuto families, Mewtwo (all of which appear in X and Y), and Mew (which has been released in various events.

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