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Pokemon let's go eevee&pikachu. It is the second remake of gen 1 after all.
Moving this to a comment due to its lack of detail. You need to provide more than just a couple of lines when answering a question that invites explanation. (For example, why can you pin this down to Pikachu only, and not any other factor?)
Nostalgia makes money, especially considering a lot of Pokémon fans are adults
I think all of these comments could be formed into one answer tbh
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Well, Let’s Go was made to draw the Go players to the mainline games. FRLG were made either for money or for the sake of remaking it.

The main reason for remaking an old game is to bring attention to it or for money, bringing you in because of your nostalgia.

Although there is no definitive answer as to why, unless Gamefreak is willing to give you an answer.

When RS was released, some players didn't like how there were 386 Pokemon but they could only get 200 of them. They made FRLG to make more Pokemon obtainable.
I would also like to say that LGPE is the latest main-series game of Pokémon that has come out yet. So they might once do a LGPE styled Pokémon game for Johto once.
@SYl I highly doubt that. But it could be possible, I guess.