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Here's the ones that came to mind immediately:

Gen I: Uh... Pokemon Battling
Gen II: The Special Defense Stat
Gen III: Abilities
Gen IV: The Physical/Special Split
Gen V: Hidden Abilities
Gen VI: Mega Evolution

Are there any other major changes between generations that I missed? Thanks!


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Here is what I know.

Gen I: Pokemon Battling,evolution.

Gen II: The Special Defense and Special Attack Stat,experience bar shown in battle,pokemon eggs,evolution through happiness ,gender(thanks to relic castle king),breeding,day care.

Gen III: Abilities,Double battles.

Gen IV: The Physical/Special Split. Evolution through certain moves,pokemon following you.

Gen V: Hidden Abilities, triple battle,rotation battle,shaking grass,rippling water,dust spots,TMs can be used multiple times instead of once,moving Pokemon battle sprite.

Gen VI: Mega Evolution,sky battle,horde battle,inverse battle,soaring,wonder trade,supper training,pokemon amie,O power,dex nav,news nav,ridding on Pokemon.

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Would another thing for gen 3 be contests? :P
Here's some things you missed and things you got wrong
- Gen 1 actually started Day Care
+ But you were right with the Gen II  starting the breeding
- The walking with the Pokemon business technically started in Gen 1 with Pokemon Yellow
+ In Gen IV, they started with the GTS as well
+ In Gen II, they aslo introduced Baby Pokemon into the games
+ And in again in Gen II, they maximized the space in the Bag compared to the Bag in Gen I
Back then, before like Gen III, they didn't have items.
Gen 2 held items
MechSteelix, if you go back now and play Gen I and Gen II, they indeed had items you pick up on the roads and put into your bag like any other regular Pokemon game. TM's, Potions, Poke Balls, e.t.c.
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Each gen there are new Pokemon, gyms, new story/gameplay, newly introduced stuff (like mega evolution), new characters and more!

Each gen also introduced new legandarys.