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Which one out of these are the best starter bird (found very early in game) Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor, Unfezant, Talonflame or Toucannon'

I mean, Mega Pidgeot was in BL in ORAS, so it's better than all the other starter birds.
talonflame was OU tho?
In gen 6 Talonflame was best for it's ability to revenge kill with the most powerful priority in the game for the most part and relative versatility in it's band, berry, LO or stallbreaker sets.

Someone turn that into a longer more detailed answer and there you go.
I was thinking gen 7, Pidgeot would be better then
Thanks for bringing this to our attention guys, though I cleared the flags. I don't have particular issue with it, you can answer it objectively as has started to happen above (and below in an answer). Plenty of these have been allowed before, we should be consistent.

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While you didn't specify if it was competitive or in-game, the answer still remains the same. Staraptor is the best bird for a multitude of reasons. In-game it's main advantage is that it's usefulness hits immediately with a forest and a Grass Gym immediately following. Yes, while a lot of other birds have an type advantage over an important figure quickly, the forest, large amount of bug catchers, and Budew in Sinnoh give it an advantage. It's ability to learn Close Combat also helps in both competitive and in-game. The large type coverage from that move is amazing. Plus in competitive it has Intimidate, which is an amazing ability period, and Reckless for even more sweeping capabilities.

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