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>##Generations II to V##
Hidden Power inflicts damage using a type and base power determined by the user's IVs.
Hidden Power can receive same-type attack bonus. For instance, a Bug-type Pokémon will receive same-type attack bonus when using a Bug-type Hidden Power. Although Hidden Power is Normal-type in the game's data, a Normal-type Hidden Power is not obtainable.
Hidden Power is unaffected by Normalize.


Generation 2

Type: This was decided in this way

HP Type = a mod 4 + b mod 4,

- 'a' is the Attack IV,
- 'b' is the Defence IV
-" 'mod' is modulo. Modulo is such that "b mod a" is the remainder of b/a ". Credits to PhysicsForums


HP Power = (5* {v + 2w +4x + 8y} + z) / 2


v depends on the Special IV.
w depends on the Speed IV.
x depends on the Defense IV.
y depends on the Attack IV.

Generation 3-4

[5 and 6 also]


HP Type = [(a + 2b + 4c + 8d + 16e + 32f) * 15]/63


a depends on the HP IV.
b and c depend on the Attack and Defense IV's respectively.
d depends on the Speed IV.
e and f depend on the Special Attack and Special Defense IV's respectively.

Power (Before Gen 6)

HP Power =[ {(u + 2v + 4w + 8x + 16y + 32z) * 40}/ 63 ] + 30,


u depends on the HP stat.
v and w depend on the Attack and Defense stats respectively.
x depends on the Speed stat.
y and z depend on the Special Attack and Special Defense stats respectively.

Straight from Bulbapedia

There you have it! Very confusing, I know, but just maths in the end. A whole lot of it.

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