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There might be a question/answer and if there is, please link it.

What is the strongest in every generation and I mean statwise, there might be ties between them, but I don't know. And a little moveset for them would be nice too. No legendaries.

Good luck!

are megas considered gen 6?
Not this question.

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This list is based off of Base Stats:

Gen 1 - enter image description hereDragonite with 600 BST

Gen 2 - enter image description hereTyranitar with 600 BST

Gen 3 - enter image description hereSlaking with 670 BST

Gen 4 - enter image description hereGarchomp with 600 BST

Gen 5 - enter image description hereHydreigon with 600 BST

Gen 6 - enter image description hereGoodra with 600 BST

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Awesome bro! You're active aren't you? XD
poor metagross and salamence
slaking gets truant which effectively makes it lose a turn every next attack
well you can use giga impact or hyper beam so doesn't matter that much
Well the question was which ones were the strongest in respective genereation, Stat-wise.
You said you wanted moveset, so i added the links to the moveset questions for each one.
Thank you so much. :3
why are most of them dragon types?