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Like if I had a shiny starter or legendary or maybe even an event Pokemon? Is it worth it?

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If you wuv it vewy vewy much...
Not really... you can just make pokemon you want in Gen 5 and transfer it from there. With the use of PokeGen ofc.
Yes if its an event mew

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Honestly I would say no.

This answer is kind of long so I'll split it into several parts.

Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon really aren't that too difficult to obtain in Generation VI, with the chances of getting a Shiny Pokémon in the wild being doubled from what they were in the previous Generation (1 in 8192 to 1 in 4096). The chances of getting a Shiny Pokémon via the Masuda Method has also been increased, although it is not confirmed to what the actually chances are, Smogon estimates that it has increased from 3 in 4096 to 6 in 4096. The Shiny Charm is also present, the Poke Radar returns and there is a new method called Consecutive Fishing. Getting a Shiny Pokémon has never been easier.

Hidden Abilities

Hidden Abilities were not introduced until Generation V. The reason I have brought this up is because some Pokémon are generally better with their Hidden Abilities, examples include:

  • Sableye with Prankstar
  • Dragonite with Multiscale
  • Blaziken with Speed Boost
  • Nidoking with Sheer Force
  • Espeon with Magic Bounce
  • Salamence/Gyarados with Moxie


In Generation VI the breeding mechanic slightly changed, resulting in it being easier to breed a "perfect" Pokémon than it was in the previous Generations. In fact saying this is an understatement as it barely requires any time or effort to breed a 5IV Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y. This is because from Pokémon X and Y onward, if at least one parent holds a Destiny Knot, the baby will inherit five IVs instead of three. Pokémon obtained in the Friend Safari are also guaranteed to have at least two IV's of 31. In Generation III you were considered extremely lucky if you had a "perfect" Pokémon without hacking.

Pokémon Creation Sites

A lot of players including myself use these websites on a regular basis to create Pokémon mainly for competitive play. You can create a Pokémon from scratch and decide it's moves ability and stats etc. It really isn't too difficult to use. Currently I haven't seen a website that supports Pokémon X and Y, but what you can do is send the Pokémon to a Generation V game and transfer it from there using Pokémon Bank. Pokémon that appear legitimate can pass through Pokémon Bank undetected. For example I was able to transfer, a Shiny Gyarados with it's Hidden Ability Moxie and with 31 IV's in HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense and Speed.

Hope I helped :)

Is there any link you can send me to the websites your talking about?
Well I use Pokedit but there are various other Pokémon creation websites.
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Yes,I would say its worth it. Getting shinies are extremely rare and you cannot get all the legendaries in one game.However,it is up to you.

Hope I helped!